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Zebra BI has been launched!
Zebra BI has been launched on 24th of July 2014 at HICHERT@IBCS conference in Frankfurt. Get your free 30-day trial at zebra.bi!!! Read more » – ‘Zebra BI has been launched!’.
Zebra BI available for beta testing!
We have developed Zebra BI, a smart Excel chart maker, which will help you create financial reports. Zebra BI transforms your Excel data into understandable and meaningful reports in just a few clicks. Your reports can excel in just a few seconds! Zebra BI is now available for free beta testing at: zebra.bi Read more » – ‘Zebra BI available for beta testing!’.
Dr. Rolf Hichert on a working visit to Slovenia
Dr. Rolf Hichert, Europe’s leading expert on business communication, came to Slovenia for a working visit. On October 17th he thrilled the audience at the 13th Adriatic ICV Controlling conference in Bled with an inspiring lecture. The next day he spent with our team in Ljubljana, discussing the further development of our new product Zebra [...] Read more » – ‘Dr. Rolf Hichert on a working visit to Slovenia’.

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